Club Events

The club hosts events throughout the year on the track, cross-country, and road. Most of these are league matches or championships but we do usually have an open meeting on the track and we always have the Perivale 5 road race. Please check the fixture list for this year’s dates.

Perivale 5

The 2019 running of the Perivale 5 will be on Sunday 1st December. Further details will be posted in due course.

Click here for course records and rankings: Perivale 5 all-time ranking (men sub 30)Perivale 5 all-time ranking (women sub 35)Perivale 5 all-time ranking (age group records)

Previous results from the race are listed below:

Date5 Mile Individual Results5 Mile Team ResultsFun Run Results
3rd December 2017IndividualTeamFun Run
4th December 2016IndividualFun Run
6th December 2015IndividualFun Run
7th December 2014IndividualFun Run
1st December 2013IndividualFun Run
2nd December 2012IndividualTeamFun Run
4th December 2011IndividualFun Run
5th December 2010IndividualNot available
6th December 2009IndividualFun Run
7th December 2008IndividualFun Run
9th December 2007IndividualNot available
10th December 2006IndividualFun Run
4th September 2005IndividualNot available
5th September 2004IndividualFun Run
7th September 2003Individual
8th September 2002Individual
9th September 2001Individual
5th July 2000Individual
7th July 1999Individual
1st July 1998Individual