Club Road Running Championship

To get a list of this year’s Club Road Championship Races, follow the instructions in the Fixtures & Results section.

Martin Wilson will keep a record of members’ qualifying performances. To see the current state of play, click on the button below.

Championship Race Results



1. The Aim

  • To create an annual ESM road racing championship comprising races at various distances from one mile to half marathon.
  • To encourage as many ESM members as possible to participate in the championship and promote competition in all senior age groups.
  • To have ESM road runners turn out in greater numbers at local races, representing the club and raising the ESM profile among the larger community.
  • To show support to local races and running clubs.

2. Race Categories

There are eight race categories and you must compete in at least five of the categories to qualify. You can enter more than one race in each category thus creating more opportunity to post your fastest time.

  • 1 Mile
  • 5K
  • Yacht Handicap
  • 5M
  • 10K road
  • 10K multi-terrain
  • 10M
  • Half marathon

3. Period

The competition runs for the calendar year, with the aim of announcing the winners at the ESM Christmas Party. The chosen races may vary from year to year depending on circumstances.

4. Winner’s Categories

Leading Lady
Leading Gentleman

Leading Lady 35+
Leading Lady 45+
Leading Lady 55+

Leading Gentleman 40+
Leading Gentleman 50+
Leading Gentleman 60+

The age category you are registered against will be your age on January 1st of the competition year. The overall winners of the championships will be excluded from the age category prizes to prevent them winning in more than one category. In the event that no one from a given age category completes five races, no prizes will be awarded in this category.

5. Scoring Rules

  • Your best performance in each distance is the one that counts so you can enter more than one race in each race category to maximise your chance of a good time.
  • Runners must compete in a minimum of any five of the chosen race categories in order to compete for the club championship. Their best five races count towards their final score.
  • Points are awarded on final finish position against other competing ESM runners in that race. First lady and gentleman get one point respectively; second each gets two points etc. Where there is both gun and chip timing it is the chip time which determines the points allocation.
  • You have to finish the race and register in the race as an ESM runner in order for the result to count.
  • You must run in a club vest with the exception of parkrun.
  • If members’ subs are not up-to-date, their results will not count in the championship.
  • In the event of any dispute the road running Team Manager’s decision is final.
Good luck!